Our Teachers

Teaching in a Steiner-Waldorf school is a calling and not just a job. Our teachers come from all walks of life, age groups and backgrounds and may or may not have prior teaching experience, but surely have some important traits – a love for children, a passion for teaching as a calling and a very creative and enthusiastic bent of mind in addition to a deep, spiritual quest. Training in Waldorf methodology is provided through in-house mentorship and also through external mentors, training sessions & workshops.

Teachers at Bangalore Steiner School have shared values of aspiring towards building an equitable and non-hierarchical manner of working, emphasis on professional development, being nurtured by nature in their everyday life and growing a community with a common objective.

We Are Recruiting

Bangalore Steiner School is seeking passionate individuals to teach the Cambridge Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Global Perspectives and Hindi curriculum at the Grade 9 level and upwards. We are also seeking teachers for Art, Sculpture, Wood & Metal Works and Music.

We invite individuals who are seeking to find beauty in its abstractions as well as a practical relevance in the world in a subject of their expertise, who are deeply committed to the cause of adolescents, empowering them to connect with and create their own communities and share their own individual expression to manifest change in the world. We strive for freedom so that we can nurture the same in children.

Our students have engaged with the same Class Teacher so far (from Grade 1 to 8) where they explored the Sciences, Arts and Humanities in an integrated manner in keeping with the spirit of Waldorf education.

They are now stepping forth into a deeper engagement with the world that needs critical thinking faculties and are served best by a band of passionate adults with their own insights into the world

Education and Teaching Experience

We are looking for teachers who ~

  1. Are experienced in classroom interactions and delivering content in an integrated manner.
  3. Have a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in their subject.
It would be an added advantage if you have  taught the Cambridge curriculum for a specific subject area in a high school.

If you are curious, keen on the constant cycle of learning and unlearning, love working with adolescents and in search of a place to grow with - we'd love to hear from you.

Write to us at pedagogy@bangaloresteinerschool.org with your resume and a cover letter describing your teaching journey and affinity towards the school.

Towards a shared understanding of expectations

At BSS, each teacher is expected to ~

  1. Engage with the school and its growth as a full time employee, which involves time towards student learning, attending collegial meetings and school events.
  3. Assess the on-going strengths and struggles of each student and provide timely feedback in a constructive manner.
  4. Take initiative to create unique learning opportunities in class and outside.
  5. Make lesson plans and meet documentation requirements of the school.
  6. Build towards a competency in the Cambridge examinations.