Bangalore Steiner School Trust currently operates our fledgling school initiative out of Sristi, a beautiful fruit orchard located near Sarjapura town in the city of Bangalore, India's IT capital. The ambience of the building and resort tents which house the classrooms, the acreage including the orchards, fields and landscaping of the farm exudes an ideal Steiner school charm providing all of nature's ingredients for a rich holistic education.

Leading up to the year 2010 a nascent Steiner education movement had already taken root in Bangalore for a few years, through four initiatives running Kindergartens based on Rudolf Steiner's educational philosophy. These are Promise Centre in Banaswadi, Kingdom of Childhood in J.P Nagar 1st Phase and 5th Phase and Prakriti Preschool in Indiranagar. From July 2010, a group of founders, teachers and parents from these kindergartens came together to pool resources and efforts to start one common grade school initiative.

This much awaited school project has come to be with the blessings of the spiritual world and the collective efforts of an enthusiastic and committed school community from the four Steiner kindergartens, which will continue to provide Early Childhood education in their respective locations.

Classes commenced for the grade school children already enrolled for the last academic year with Term 3 in January 2011. The academic year 2011-12 is now in progress with 22 enrolled children in the Class 1, 2, 3, & 4/5 age groups.