Bangalore Steiner School is an independent, co-educational school. It is a not-for-profit organization, recognized by the Government of Karnataka.

Board of Trustees

The school's financial and legal matters are guided by the Board of Trustees in consultation with a distributed leadership group of teachers, many of whom are also parents at the school. The current active Trustees are:

Gopa Bose

Gopa is a founder teacher and has been a class teacher for 8 years. At present, she is involved in all aspects of pedagogy. In addition she is also a teacher trainer and is involved in all aspects of pedagogy. Gopa has done her M.A.(English) B.Ed. and has 19 years teaching experience in mainstream schools as class teacher as well as teaching English, for the High school, Lower and Middle school. She has taught at Loreto (Kolkata), The Frank Anthony Public schools (Kolkata and Bangalore ), Bishop Cotton Boys’ School and Sophia High School for Girls (Bangalore).

From 1990 to 1991 she volunteered with the Child Life Programme at the Paediatrics Department of the University of Massachusetts Hospital, U.S.A to support families of terminally ill children and help children with schoolwork, play with them, and be part of the child study programmes. Gopa has a deep commitment toward Waldorf education and has been attending and participating in Steiner workshops in Bangalore & Hyderabad.

Gopa's Motivation for Bangalore Steiner School:

"I believe in Steiner’s philosophy and his views on education. Bangalore Steiner School is the fulfilment of a wish that I have that education should meet the needs of a child. I also have a larger vision of starting a curative unit within the school for children with special needs and those with learning difficulties."

Sreekanth Keshava

Sreekanth works as a executive in ET Marlabs; a software company that he helped co-found and has over 20 years experience in managing diverse aspects of organisation setup, growth, processes, finance and compliance. As part of his work he has worked with many not for profit organisations such as Amnesty International, Foundation for excellence, Teach for India, etc and brings in the understanding of operations and support needed for running of the school.

Sreekanth has an intrinsic understanding & belief in Waldorf education and how it can benefit children. He has attended and participated in various Steiner workshops/ Seminars in Bangalore. He is a co-parent of the school and both his children are schooling at BSS.

Kumar Ramachandra

Kumar is the founder director of Wintegral Engineering and has been involved with every aspect of the organisation. He has been deeply committed toward exploring educational philosophies that support the natural development of the human being. He is a parent of the school and has closely engaged with several initiatives to take the school forward.